Kyuji Fujikawa

There are reports that the Cubs signed Kyuji Fujikawa for 9.5 Million over 2 years. This is a good deal for the Cubs as they can see what Kyuji Fujikawa can do in the span of two years. There also reports that go along with thus that Carlos Marmol is out the door. I would imagine the Cubs will keep Carlos in the closer spot until Kyuji Fujikawa is comfortable. Kyuji Fujikawa will most likely be in the setup role. Depending on his performance, he may move to the closer role. Carlos is familiar with this as this is how he moved into the closer role.

What is interesting about Kyuji Fujikawa is that he has an ERA under 1.50 for the last two years. However, this year his ERA went up and he played in less games. He also has less saves and less strikeouts than last year. These numbers may be the reason that only a few ball clubs were looking at him.

Although the numbers look great. They great numbers for Japanese teams. He has not faced Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, A-Rod, Matt Holliday, or Carlos Beltran to name a few. Having Kyuji Fujikawa in setup role will give the time to get settled in to Major League Baseball. His abilities combined with Carlos’s abilities will bolster the back end of the bullpen. This is a big win for the Cubs and some much needed support for Carlos Murmol.

Ryne Sanberg

Ryne Sanberg

Some would say Ryne Sandberg was the best trade the Chicago Cubs have ever made in their history. I would say that there were many trades that were equally as great. The one that stands out above the rest (in my opinion) is Rogers Hornsby.

BPS is back!

After some time away from blogging I have decided to get back into writing about the Cubs. I spent my time earning a Masters degree. After writing so many papers during my time at University of Phoenix, it has dawned on me that writing is what is fun for me. There is criticism, passion, and laughter that fuels my performance and consistency for composing.

More to come…