Are injuries better in Spring Training?

Scott Baker, Matt Garza, Ian Stewart, Arodys Viscaino, and Dontrelle Willis.

Scott Baker is returning from Tommy John surgery and is expected to return in mid April.

Matt Garza has strained left lat muscle. He is possibly returning in the beginning of April.

Ian Stewart has a left quad strain and expected to return soon.

Arodys Viscaino is recovering from Tommy John surgery as well. No date is set for his return, so we most likely won’t get to see him play in spring training.

Dontrelle Willis had some left shoulder tightness after 7 pitches in the February 25th game. Although it is minor he has a big hill to climb for a comeback.

Out of all these injuries the two most notable ones are Matt Garza and Ian Stewart. The Cubs are banking on Matt Garza to lead the Cubs pitching to a winning season. The Cubs also gave Ian Stewart an opportunity to prove himself after a injured season last year.

Injuries have been a problem in the past for the Cubs, especially when they are trying to build a championship caliber team. However,  there are quality points that a Cubs Fan can be proud of. Dontrelle Willis’s  return to the Cubs shows the veteran experience the Cubs want to see in their pitching staff. The Cubs would love to have Kerry Wood, Mark PriorDontrelle Willis and Carlos Zambrano   (of Yester-Year) to start opening day. That is just virtually impossible and all of them really don’t have their stuff anymore. These are the guys with the knowledge of how to Win and that is why the Cubs are giving them a chance to return and hang out with the team. There presence on the field will teach the younger generation the ropes.

I believe that we will see Dontelle return but it may be later in the season. Matt Garza will be there for opening day but may not get the start. Scott Baker will most likely be in the bullpen (maybe even with Dontrelle). Arodys Viscaino will most likely head to the minors unless he get more time on the mound. Ian Stewart has a minor injury so he will most likely get some more playing time before April. (Does Scott Hairston know how to play 3rd?)  



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