2013 Depth Chart


The Chicago Cubs 2013 Depth chart is filling out well. There is a balance of left handed hitting, right handed hitting and speed to make a lot of scoring plays. The line up in 2013 will be an important part of the Cubs game.

Name                                 Bats      2012 AVG

Darwin Barney                   Right      .254

Starlin Castro                    Right      .283

Anthony Rizzo                   Left        .285

Alfonso Soriano                Right      .262

Nate Schierholtz               Left        .257

David Dejesus                  Left        .263

Ian Stewart                       Left        .201

Wellington Castillo           Right      .261

The Cubs line-up shows diversification and strength as long as it stays healthy. There are plenty of backups in the outfield and the infield to allow for some possible injuries. The only concern at this point is the backup for first base. There is no viable first basemen that matches the quality of Anthony Rizzo. If he gets injured the Cubs will surely sink to the bottom of the standings. Soriano may be able to pickup the team and carry them into a 3rd or 4th place finish, but it is highly unlikely for this team to have a good finish with injuries. With a strong healthy year they could finish second, but it will take a lot of work. The quality of players show a lot of potential to a winning team, but they are still young and may take a year or two to grow into a well oiled machine.

Hopefully there will be more of these flags to raise up this year.


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