Ron Santo and Steve Stone

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Here is an interesting topic. On December 11 1973, Ron Santo was traded to the Chicago Whitesox for Steve Stone and two other players. After 39 years, both Ron Santo and Steve Stone have been announcers for the Cubs. Ron Santo displayed his passion for the Cubs every day. Nothing mattered to more to him than watching the Cubs win.

Steve Stone also displayed this passion to the front office, managers and players. Steve Stone had the same passion as Ron Santo since the 1973 trade. It is something about being a Cubs that makes the passion come out. Unfortunately, the Cubs were not fond of Steve’s comments as he left the announcer’s booth in 2004.

Both Ron Santo and Steve Stone are true passionate Cub players that were never heard by the team. Maybe the new owners and management can center some focus around the heritage and history of the Cubs to drive a winning attitude?

“I truly thought they would bring Steve Stone back to replace Bob Brenly”.

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