Who’s on 3rd?

Ian Stewart has been Non Tendered but may be back in the Cubs clubhouse. Ian Stewart has drawn interest from other clubs but which club will gamble on his wrist injury? The Cubs could work him into a platoon position at third but Ian will never be the same player. The injury may not be the same as Derek Lee’s but it still a significant part of the body that is used in baseball. The Cubs may not even be willing to take that gamble. 

There are rumors that the pickens are slim at third base, so the Cubs may need to platoon some players at third. Looking at the list of free agents, it would be interesting to see what the Cubs might do.


Some players are injured some are “washed up”, however there are some that may be worth the gamble. Mark DeRosa maybe an option for a player to platoon at third. He is trying to make a come back in 2013. He seem to have enjoyed his time in Chicago and may not mind returning. However, the rumors are saying he wants to return to the Nats. Casey McGhee may be another option. Dale Sveum may have relationship with him that will fit the ball club.

Since the Cubs Non Tendered Ian Stewart’s contract, there has to be a reason they were not going on to gamble on him. There is most likely something that is in the works and the rumors will be heating up the next couple weeks.

Note: Kevin Youkilis will most likely go to the Yankees. However, the relationship between Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer and Kevin Youkilis may trump the Yankee Wallet.

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